At 30, Sophie Cachia Turned Her 'Perfect' Life Upside Down

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At 30, Sophie Cachia Turned Her 'Perfect' Life Upside Down

To her many Instagram followers, it seemed like the 'Young Mummy' Sophie Cachia had a pretty rosy life. She had a successful influencer career and pyjama business that she had built off her Young Mummy blog, which she'd started after marrying an AFL player called Jarryd Cachia and having the first of their two kids at just 22 years old.

But like most things on social media, there was a different story happening behind the scenes. Sophie was starting to question the life and identity she'd built for herself over the years. All of it.

So, she opened up her marriage. She started dating women. And everything changed. 

Recently, Sophie was listening to Mia's interview with Glennon Doyle and nodding along furiously. It was a voice memo that made this interview happen. 

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