Simi Polonsky Thought She Knew What Her Life Was Going To Be Like

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Simi Polonsky Thought She Knew What Her Life Was Going To Be Like

Six months after her husband died unexpectedly, Simi Polonsky gave birth to her third child.  She was grieving the death of her husband, Shua, and celebrating the birth of her new son.

And not in a million years did she think that her life would end up looking like that.

Simi was born into a big Jewish family in Sydney, her father was an Orthodox Rabbi and she was one of seven kids. In her early 20s, Simi moved to New York with her sister. She married the love of her life, launched a successful business with her sister Chaya called TheFrockNYC, and started a family.

And then on an ordinary day in 2017, something unexpected and shocking happened.  Her strong, healthy husband got sick and died all in the space of a couple of weeks.

Simi was back in Australia at the end of last year and she shared her story with Mia...

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