Silvia Colloca Hates Labels

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Silvia Colloca Hates Labels

Ospite di oggi su No Filter è Silvia Colloca.

For those who don't speak Italian, today's guest on No Filter is the delightful Silvia Colloca.

She's an Italian born cook, Opera singer, actress and the host of Mamamia's new podcast What I Eat When.

Silvia wears a lot of hats and she hates being defined by labels; her age, who she's married to and how many children she has.

But the one label that has always stuck is food lover.

In this episode, Mia and Silvia chat about everything from how COVID has changed her relationship to her feelings about getting older.


You can check out Silvia's podcast What I Eat When here -

And to get the recipe for the cake that Silvia made Mia, head here -


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