Roxy Jacenko Hit Rock Bottom...Twice

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Roxy Jacenko Hit Rock Bottom...Twice

Roxy Jacenko doesn’t like being the centre of attention.

If you are one of her 230,000 Instagram followers, you might find that hard to believe.

But the Sydney businesswoman insists her businesses, selfies and TV appearances aren’t about fame or attention. They’re about money.

This is the second time Mia has spoken to Roxy for No Filter. The first time, Roxy’s husband Oliver Curtis was in jail for insider trading. She’d been diagnosed with breast cancer and her life was... spiraling. And this time? Well, it seems life actually got a lot worse for Roxy before it got better.

She lost a lot of weight. She started taking drugs. She had an affair. And she ended up having a nervous breakdown.

So when all that happens, how do you get your life back on track?

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