The Very Real Life Of Sex Worker And Author Rita Therese

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The Very Real Life Of Sex Worker And Author Rita Therese

There’s a content warning on this episode: talk of suicide, and there’s also some graphic language

Rita Therese is her pen name. Gia is her sex worker name. Her real name is a secret, to protect her privacy. 

After beginning as a waitress at bucks' parties, Rita Therese has spent most of her twenties earning a living in the sex industry - as well as topless and nude waitressing, working in brothels and as a FIFO sex worker in mining towns.

Now, she's written a memoir called COME, which shares experiences many of us might not have had before but are curious to understand better. There’s also been deep

heartbreak, and Rita Therese is candid and honest about it all.

In this episode of No Filter, Rita Therese takes us inside her  life as a sex worker.

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Host: Mia Freedman . You can find Mia on Instagram here and get her newsletter here. 

Guest: Rita Therese, author of COME 

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