Rick Morton On Growing Up Poor

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Rick Morton On Growing Up Poor

Rick Morton is a journalist and author. He’s also learnt to memorise phone numbers. Specifically ones from debt collectors. Because up until recently, Rick was very bad with money. 

So bad, that he used to borrow from everyone around him. 

Rick was born the son of a Cattle baron in Central Queensland. But he grew up dirt poor in housing commission, and he’s spent his life overspending the money he has.

His new book On Money examines the meaning of money to him and others, and looks into how society often views money as a substitute for morality. 

This is Rick's story. 


You can check out Rick's book On Money here - https://booktopia.kh4ffx.net/1m6Jz.

And his memoir One Hundred Years Of Dirt - https://booktopia.kh4ffx.net/QZqZM


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