Parenting, Polyamory & Surviving A Refugee Camp

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Parenting, Polyamory & Surviving A Refugee Camp

Pauline Nguyen has lived a very big life. 

When she was 3 years old her family left Vietnam by boat. They spent six days on the South China Sea and arrived at a Thai Refugee camp where they lived for a year, before settling in Australia. 

Once in Australia, however, things weren’t easy for the Nguyen kids, and Pauline fled home when she was a teenager. 

These days, Pauline is an award winning author, spiritual entrepreneur and co-founder of Sydney's Red Lantern restaurant.

And in this episode of No Filter, she talks to Mia Freedman about everything from being in a polyamorous relationship to running away from home at 17 to breaking the cycle of abuse with her own children...


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