Teresa Palmer's Very Un-Hollywood Life

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Teresa Palmer's Very Un-Hollywood Life

When Teresa Palmer was nineteen, she walked into Hollywood's biggest talent agency and told them she was happy to have a career, but her biggest plans involved being a mother. 

And, she hasn't gone back on that. 

Even though she's scaled the heights of life as a Hollywood movie star, appearing in movies with people like Adam Sandler and Rosario Dawson, it's her family that are the focus of her life. 

She's in a happy blended family who spend their lives between her hometown Adelaide and Los Angeles. There's the three children she gave birth to - Forest, Bodhi and Poet, and there's Mark's first son Isaac, the stepson that made Teresa sure she wanted to be a mother. 

Now Teresa's adding 'author' to the many strings on her already packed bow, after writing 'Zen Mama' with her close friend Sarah Wright Olsen, which talks about everything from birth to pregnancy loss and the raising of small children. 


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Guest: Teresa Palmer

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