Caitlin Moran Is An Optimistic Feminist Hero

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Caitlin Moran Is An Optimistic Feminist Hero

Caitlin Moran is a writer, columnist, novelist, dramatist and one of the most optimistic and funny writers on the planet. She’s published six books, writes two columns a week for the UK Times and is a mum to two teenage girls. And because she's not busy enough she's just written her second book in a trilogy, How To Be Famous. 

In this intimate interview, Caitlin and Mia catch up and discuss the issues of Me Too, feminism, fame and getting older.

This one will feel like eavesdropping on a conversation between girlfriends and we think you are going to love it.

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Host: Mia Freedman 

With thanks to special guest Caitlin Moran. Buy her new book  How To Be Famous at

Producer: Elissa Ratliff


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