Nikki Gemmell Stripped Bare

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Nikki Gemmell Stripped Bare

In October 2015 best selling author Nikki Gemmell’s world was turned upside down. Police knocked at her door, and informed her that her mother Elayn had been found dead. She had euthanized herself, without telling anyone. There was no note, and no reasoning. So Nikki did what she does best, and wrote about it. After Nikki’s latest book, is a raw account of that October day and what came next. She joins Mia for a very raw chat about what happens when you’re left to pick up the pieces.

Show Notes

Your host is Mia Freedman.

With thanks to special guest Nikki Gemmell

Buy Nikki's book After and all her other books at ibooks

This podcast was produced by Elissa Ratliff 


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