Nikki Boyer: Dying For Sex

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Nikki Boyer: Dying For Sex

This is an episode about an epic friendship between two women.

It transcends marriages, divorce, miscarriage and sex and ends in the most poignant, tragic, beautiful way.

When Molly was 41, she was given a life-changing diagnosis. And instead of living out the life she'd built with her husband, she left their 15-year marriage to go and have hot sex with strangers. Dozens of them.

And her friend Nikki... what was she to do? Judge her? Encourage her? Support her?

Well, they started a podcast together, called Dying For Sex. 

In this episode, Mia Freedman sits down with Nikki Boyer, actress and podcast host, to discuss her lifelong friendship with Molly, some hilarious sex stories and what happens when you lose your best friend.

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