Why Everyone's In Love With Michael From Love On The Spectrum

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Why Everyone's In Love With Michael From Love On The Spectrum

Australians, and now the world, have fallen in love with a man named Michael. 

And if you don’t know why, you’re about to.

At the end of 2019, the ABC released a four-part documentary series called Love on the Spectrum, which told the stories of young adults on the autism spectrum who were dating, in relationships and falling in love for the first time.

One of those young adults on the series is a man named Michael.

At 26, Michael’s dream in life is to become a husband, and he’s so determined to reach this goal he has a pair of love ducks that sit on his bedside table at his home in Wollongong where he lives with his family. 

In this conversation, Michael and his mum Vanessa talk about everything from love in lockdown to why finding a partner is so important to him. 

Watch Michael in action on Love on the Spectrum here. 


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With thanks to our guests: Michael and his mum Vanessa. You can watch Love On The Spectrum on Netflix now. 

Producer: Leah Porges

Executive Producer: Elissa Ratliff and Melanie Tait