Megan Gale Has Found Her Voice

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Megan Gale Has Found Her Voice

Megan Gale was a superstar in Italy before Australians knew who she was. 

She'd been ready to give up modelling when she landed a life-changing gig in Italy in the nineties. Her sudden fame overseas meant Australia finally learned her name and she spent a few years juggling careers in different countries. She was the face of David Jones for nearly two decades. 

When the time came to start thinking about life outside modelling, she had a crack at acting and found herself cast as Wonderwoman years before the 2017 film made Gal Gadot a star. 

Megan's now a Lady Startup and a mother of two, married to AFL/Survivor star Shaun Hampson. In this episode of No Filter, Megan talks Mia through her life as a model, becoming a Lady Startup and having a miscarriage... all in the public eye. 



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Host: Mia Freedman 

Guest: Ginni Mansberg

Producer: Melanie Tait 


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