The Day Marguerite Edwards Didn't Pick Up Her Kids From School

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The Day Marguerite Edwards Didn't Pick Up Her Kids From School

The day Marguerite Edwards died began like any other day. The family woke up, got their 3 daughters ready for school. Marguerite’s husband Iain headed off to work at his Orthodontist clinic which was a 5-minute drive up the road. Marguerite dropped the girls at high school and went to an aerobics class. It was the ‘80s after all.  

But at 6 pm that night Iain got a phone call from his neighbour. Marguerite hadn’t picked the girls up from school, so the neighbour had collected them. When the neighbour had gone to the house to check on her friend Marguerite, she found the front door open and blood visible on the carpet.

Iain raced home, entered his house, walked up the stairs to their bedroom and found his precious wife lying on the floor. 

At just 41 years old, Marguerite Edwards had been murdered. And life as Iain and his girls knew it, really did change forever...

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Host: Mia Freedman 

With thanks to special guest Dr Iain Edwards.

And if you need help dealing with grief, check out Any Ordinary Day by Leigh Sales 

Producer: Elissa Ratliff


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