Best Of: When Leigh Sales' World Turned Upside Down

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Best Of: When Leigh Sales' World Turned Upside Down

Welcome to our summer series where we play you some of our favourite episodes that you might have missed or might want to revisit.

The day your life turns upside down usually starts like any other. It’s ordinary, it’s normal. And then, life smacks you in the head and everything changes in an instant.

Leigh Sales has spent many years interviewing people whose lives have changed suddenly and tragically and, she's had a few of those days herself. In her new book, An Ordinary Day, she speaks candidly with people who’ve faced the unimaginable. 

So what happens when everything that could go wrong, does go wrong? And how have these conversations shaped the way she deals with her own personal tragedies?

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Host: Mia Freedman 

With thanks to special guest Leigh Sales.

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