“Everyone Said We Were Doomed”: Life With An Invisible Illness

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“Everyone Said We Were Doomed”: Life With An Invisible Illness

Broadcaster Jacinta Parsons was 22 when she started feeling unwell. The kind of unwell that….well, lingered. Some days she couldn’t get out of bed. Other days she couldn’t eat. But one thing remained the same, every day she woke up feeling like crap. And her Doctors? They had no answers.

Since her early 20s, Jacinta has been living with an invisible illness. It’s one that affects over 75,000 Australians and isn’t talked about often. Which is why Jacinta has written a book about her experience called Unseen: The Secret World of Chronic Illness and she joins Mia now to talk about it all...


Find Jacinta's book here: https://www.booktopia.com.au/unseen-jacinta-parsons/ebook/9781922400444.html 


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