Inside The Life Of A Secret Alcoholic

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Inside The Life Of A Secret Alcoholic

For the past 5 years, today's guest has kept a secret. She’d wake up and start drinking to get through the day. She’d leave work for a coffee break and buy a bottle of white wine. She’d consume roughly around 80 standard drinks, within one week. 

Heidi first sought help in 2018 for her alcohol addiction but she didn’t tell anyone. 

Then last year she came across a call out on social media looking for people to participate in a free six month program if they were struggling with addiction. 

So she applied. 

That program would go on to be filmed for SBS’s documentary series Addicted Australia.  And all of a sudden, Heidi’s very private addiction became very very public. 

This is her story.


You can watch Addicted Australia here -


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