Glennon Doyle's Life Was  Totally Upended In A Single Evening

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Glennon Doyle's Life Was Totally Upended In A Single Evening

It was 2016 and Glennon Doyle was a wife, a mother and the author of a book called Love Warrior,  that was about to be released. The book was a memoir about repairing her marriage after discovering her husband's longterm infidelity and Oprah had chosen it for her bookclub. This was big-time. And Glennon was about to begin a national promotional tour across America.

What happened on the first night of that book tour was definitely not part of the plan. But it turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to her. And the best decision she ever made. For herself. And for everyone who loved her.

Her new book, Untamed,  tells the story of how Glennon's life unfolded so unexpectedly after that night and how she had  - until then - tamed herself in so many ways, just like most women have.

Glennon is a truth-teller for a new generation of feminists and her story will resonate with every woman.

Glennon is a wildly popular guest on NO FILTER and you can hear those earlier interviews  here and here

UNTAMED: Stop Pleasing Start Living by Glennon Doyle


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