Germaine Greer Won't Be Defined By Her Rape

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Germaine Greer Won't Be Defined By Her Rape

This podcast will deal extensively with the subject of rape and won't be appropriate for all listeners. If this podcast does bring anything up for you then please call 1800 RESPECT.

When people think of feminism, they think of Germaine Greer. Her manifesto The Female Eunuch was released in 1970 and is still shaping conversations 48 years later.

But what happens when an icon - whose job it is to be provocative - exists in a culture of outrage?

Most recently, the release of her Melbourne University press book On Rape has led to an onslaught of headlines condemning her brand of feminism and questioning her relevance in 2018. And she joins Mamamia Out Loud co-host Jessie Stephens to talk about it in this very special episode...

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Buy Germaine's book On Rape here or at

This episode was produced by Elissa Ratliff and Jessie Stephens.