Esther Perel Knows Why People Cheat

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Esther Perel Knows Why People Cheat

When couples therapist Esther Perel speaks to large groups of people about her area of expertise, sex and relationships -she asks the audience to raise their hands if their lives have ever been affected by infidelity. Maybe it was one of their parents. Maybe it was their own partner. Maybe it was them. Or maybe they were the third party. She says around 80 percent of the room raises their hand.

Esther is an author, a psychotherapist and a self-described expert in relationships and sexuality. She has a cult following to rival that of Brene Brown or Elizabeth Gilbert, and on this episode of No Filter she speaks to Mia about why it has never been easier to have an affair, the reason happy people cheat and how infidelity can sometimes make a relationship better.

Get ready to listen to the most fascinating conversation about love, cheating and relationships you have ever heard.

Show Notes

Your host is Mia Freedman.

With thanks to special guest Esther Perel

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