At 32, Bridie O'Donnell Decided To Become An Elite Athlete

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At 32, Bridie O'Donnell Decided To Become An Elite Athlete

If you’re OK living a life of frequent and often crushing disappointment, you’ll be able to handle a career as a professional cyclist.

That’s the advice Dr Bridie O’Donnell was given by a fellow cyclist when she decided to make cycling her career. She was not at the point in her life’s journey where you would expect someone to choose the path of a professional athlete - she was 32 years old, a doctor and, as one coach told her bluntly, she was ‘too old, too fat and too slow' to make it in one of the toughest, most physically and emotionally demanding sports on earth.

But she did make it. Bridie became a world record breaker after taking an astonishing leap of faith, with no previous history in the sport, she decided to become an elite cyclist.

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Host: Mia Freedman 

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Producer: Elissa Ratliff


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