Magazine Queens: The Editors Who Influenced A Generation

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Magazine Queens: The Editors Who Influenced A Generation

From the 1980s to the 2000s, before the Internet arrived, magazines were tops. 

Cosmopolitan, Cleo, Dolly, Harper's Bazaar... there were so many. 

They were filled with information on how to be a girl, or a woman, alongside glossy shots of models like Elle Macpherson, Sonia Klein and Claudia Schiffer.

But sadly, all these magazines and the brands behind them are now gone.

Deborah Thomas and Paula Joye have, between them, worked at, launched or edited pretty much every major magazine in Australia. Deborah was Mia's first boss when she started at Cleo and Paula and Mia shared an office there for years. 

In this episode of No Filter, Mia, Deborah and Paula take a trip down memory lane and talk about everything from photoshoots with famous 90's models to working for the infamous Packer family to life after magazines.


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With thanks to our guests: Deborah Thomas & Paula Joye

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