Dana Berkowitz and the Feminist Dilemma of Botox

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Dana Berkowitz and the Feminist Dilemma of Botox

Gender studies Professor and feminist Dana Berkowitz was strongly opposed to Botox. She would lecture students on body image and beauty culture, and was researching for a book on anti-aging practices in society.

And then, while researching it, she had it.

What followed for her were compliments. Many compliments. And she found herself at the centre of a conflict so many women have: Is there a feminist way to have Botox?

Is using it to improve your appearance proof of a woman's right to choose? Or is it more evidence of women having to bow to a society that rewards youth and emphasises appearance? And how does it differ to colouring your hair, or shaving your legs?

In a society obsessed with youth, Mia Freedman and Berkowitz tackle aging, body image, resting bitch-face, the patriarchial bargain, and the eternal question Mia Freedman faces: should I do it? 

Show Notes

Your host is Mia Freedman.

With thanks to special guest Dana Berkowitz

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