How Are You Doing? A Check In With Amelia Lester

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How Are You Doing? A Check In With Amelia Lester

Today I’m calling up one of my best friends, Amelia Lester who some of you may know if you listened to the podcast we used to host together about Trump’s America called Tell Me It’s Going To Be Ok.

Amelia and I met when she was the editor of the Good Weekend magazine and living in Sydney - it’s her hometown but she’s lived most of her adult life in America ever since she moved there to go to Harvard on a scholarship in 2001.

She came home to Australia a few years ago for that big job but left again soon after to marry her partner who is a military doctor based in the US which is where she lives now.

So what's it like living in the country that is now the #1 Corona country in the world? And what's it like being married to a doctor who is treating covid patients? We had a lot of laughs in this conversation. Enjoy. Mia xxxx


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