Cameron Daddo Has Still Got It

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Cameron Daddo Has Still Got It

25 years ago Cameron Daddo was the bloke every teenage girl in the 80's wanted to marry. He was the host of dating show Perfect Match, a multiple Logie winner, and he even released an album. Then, he married Dolly cover girl Alison Brahe and moved to America. Which is where things got interesting. Their marriage fell apart. But because this was the early 90s and pre-Internet, Alison and Cameron got to shrug off the mantle of being Australia's golden couple and work out their crap far from the eyes of the public. How they did that is a fascinating story, as is Cameron’s experience of going from a rolled gold Aussie icon and heartthrob to a door to door salesman…..and back again.

Show Notes

Your host is Mia Freedman.

With thanks to special guest Cameron Daddo

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