The Most Powerful Australian In Hollywood

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The Most Powerful Australian In Hollywood

Big Little Lies, Queen America, Nine Perfect Strangers and The Dry.

These TV shows and movies have been some of the biggest created over the past couple of years. You know their names, and chances are you've seen a few of them, but what you might not know is they were all created by a very special Aussie sisterhood in Hollywood.

And at the centre of that sisterhood, is a woman called Bruna Papandrea.

Mia and Bruna have been friends for over 25 years and in this episode, they discuss everything from how COVID-19 has affected the film industry to how Bruna feels her career has impacted her friendships. 


You can listen to Mia's original No Filter with Bruna here -


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With thanks to our guest: Bruna Papandrea

Producer: Leah Porges

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