Brigid Delaney Tried The 101 Day Detox Diet So You Don't Have To

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27 Aug 2017 · 46 minutes

Brigid Delaney Tried The 101 Day Detox Diet So You Don't Have To
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Wellness. Just reading that word makes you feel more healthy. Calmer. More virtuous. That’s why marketers are using the hell out of it, slapping “WELLNESS” on everything from yoga mats to activewear, vitamin supplements. But what does wellness actually mean? At a particularly unhealthy point in her life, journalist Brigid Delaney received an email from her editor about an assignment. Did she want to go on Malcolm Turnbull’s crash diet? It would involve eating nothing for weeks while drinking a concoction of herbs some have compared to bin-juice. Brigid said yes. And decided to write a book about her wellness journey called Wellmania.

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Your host is Mia Freedman.

With thanks to special guest Brigid Delaney. 

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