BONUS: The Final US Presidential Debate, Unpacked

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BONUS: The Final US Presidential Debate, Unpacked

Who’s the biggest supporter of women? According to himself, it’s Donald Trump. But then again, he also thinks Aleppo is a 'fat' supermodel. Mia Freedman is joined in the studio again by Amelia Lester, the Editor of the Good Weekend - and gatecrasher and resident Trump impersonator Rosie Waterland. So what happened today? What does this mean? Did Hillary just nail it? And what now?

Show Notes

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Follow: Jon Favreau, Obama's speechwriter, on Twitter

Your host is Mia Freedman.

With thanks to The Good Weekend Editor, Amelia Lester and host of The Binge, Rosie Waterland

This podcast was produced by Elissa Ratliff 


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