Best Of: Liane Moriaty Knows How To Write A Bestseller

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13 Jan 2019 · 40 minutes

Best Of: Liane Moriaty Knows How To Write A Bestseller
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Welcome to the No Filter summer series, where we look back at some of our most popular interviews over the past 3 years. Today, it's Mia and Liane Moriarty talking about her life since the release of Big Little Lies, we hope you enjoy it...

She’s been called the 'Obama of popular fiction'.  An author whose books all turn to gold. But at home, Liane Moriarty is considered to be a suburban housewife who writes for a hobby. Australia’s most successful author, this mother-of-two from Sydney has sold over six million books.  She's one of the few authors in the world to ever have three books on the New York Times bestseller lists at the ONE time. So how did she do it?  She joins Mia to discuss her latest book, rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous, and what it was like when she found out Nicole Kidman wanted to buy her bestseller.

This episode was first published in September 2016.

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Host: Mia Freedman 

With thanks to special guest Liane Moriarty

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