Andy Gourley Keeps Our Kids Safe At Night

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Andy Gourley Keeps Our Kids Safe At Night

Andy Gourley is a 47-year-old pastor, former accountant, skateboarding fan and the founder of Red Frogs, a volunteer group providing support and a positive peer presence to large groups of young people.

Nowhere is that more important than at schoolies. 

Every year, since 1997, Andy and his team have travelled to the Gold Coast to help partying teens stay out of trouble. 

So where did it start? What are the best tips for parents sending their kids off to schoolies? And what's this got to do with red frogs?

Show Notes

Your host is Mia Freedman.

With thanks to special guest Andy Gourley

This podcast was produced by Elissa Ratliff 



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This episode of No Filter was brought to you by ALLEN’S and its iconic Red Frog lolly. ALLEN’S is a proud partner of Red Frogs Australia, a support network which uses the simple act of sharing a Red Frog lolly as an icebreaker to share a smile, start a conversation and encourage young adults to make positive life choices.