When You Realise Your Parents Aren't Bulletproof

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When You Realise Your Parents Aren't Bulletproof

There is a stage in everyone’s life where you realise your parents are not bulletproof. 

For some of us that comes when our mum or dad starts forgetting things or when they go through a period of unexpected turmoil. But for many of us, it often comes when a parent suddenly becomes unwell. 

When journalist, author and screenwriter Amal Awad’s father was diagnosed with kidney failure, she made a surprising decision that changed so much for them and for her.

In this episode, she joins Mia Freedman to talk about how, if we ever are going to truly get to know our parents, as people… it is going to happen in adulthood.

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Host: Mia Freedman 

With thanks to special guests to Amal Awad

Producer: Bridget Northeast


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