A Happy Update From The Happiest Man Alive, Eddie Jaku

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A Happy Update From The Happiest Man Alive, Eddie Jaku

We wanted to update and revisit an interview I did with Holocaust survivor, Eddie Jaku, who describes himself as The Happiest Man Alive.

Today his 100th birthday (I called up his granddaughter Danielle to find out how he's planning to celebrate) but as well as that, people are looking for wisdom and perspective and joy right now.

Eddie is full of life, advice and stories about a world few people remember. A world that few people survived. A world that many people want to forget about. But not Eddie. Because that dark world ended up providing him with the biggest gift he could have wished for, life.

Happy Birthday Eddie. The world is better and brighter for having you in it.

Host: Mia Freedman 

With thanks to special guest Eddie Jaku. Find out more about his story here. 

Editor: Elise Cooper


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