Romance: What's Romance?

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Romance: What's Romance?

Love, romance, relationships...

Once a baby comes along, even those with the most rock-solid relationships can find it hard to maintain connection, and yet, romance can manifest in many different ways.  

In this episode, you’ll hear from Alex Nation about how she navigated a messy split and how she came out to her son, Elijah. Actress Teresa Palmer, on how she makes her marriage work long-distance between Adelaide and Hollywood. And from many more mums about how they share the parenting load and keep romance alive with their partners, or on their own. 

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Host: Laura Byrne @ladyandacat

Executive Producer: Elise Cooper @elisejcooper

Producer and Editor: Lama Zakharia 

Head of Audio: Bridget Northeast

Thanks to all the mums who featured in this episode, for sharing their stories to make all mums feel like they’re not alone

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