Identity: Who Am I, Now I’m A Mum?

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Identity: Who Am I, Now I’m A Mum?

No matter how it happens, motherhood changes you forever.

Me After You is the show that asks the question: So, what now? 

Each episode, host Laura Byrne guides some very different women through their very different stories of life after birth. In this first episode, we’re talking Identity, and you’ll hear from women like Alex Nation, who got pregnant at 18 and wrestled with being a kid with a baby, Narelda Jacobs, who had a shotgun wedding before coming out as gay to her very conservative family and a blogging mum with a huge following who never thought she wanted to become a mother. 

And all of them have struggled with the same thing - who the hell am I, now that I’m a mum?

Me After You was made in partnership with Huggies: Be Comfortable In Your Skin

Host: Laura Byrne @ladyandacat

Executive Producer: Elise Cooper @elisejcooper

Producer and Editor: Lem Zakharia

Head of Audio: Bridget Northeast

Thanks to all the mums who featured in this episode, for sharing their stories to make all mums feel like they’re not alone

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