MAFS: The Pooey Toothbrush Has Its Moment

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MAFS: The Pooey Toothbrush Has Its Moment

We’re rapidly losing couples but there’s no shortage of drama on MAFS.

This week, David and Hayley continued to pretend they weren't being held together with glue and string.

Vanessa and Chris aren't happy with each other so they decided to leave the experiment...not that we realised they were there anyway.

And there’s a cheatin' scandal that involves a pooey toothbrush. 

All will be revealed when Clare & Jessie Stephens unpack the drama...

This episode was brought to you by the deliciously delightful Baileys Original Irish Cream Liqueur.


Hosts: Jessie Stephens & Clare Stephens

Producer: Leah Porges


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