MAFS: One Bride Down, Nine To Go

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MAFS: One Bride Down, Nine To Go

Last week on MAFS we were privileged to witness the first dinner party and this week, well...the bar was raised as Hayley stepped in to offer her services as the show’s fourth expert.

And it’s not surprising things got heated with everything that happened this week...  

Amanda proved she doesn’t understand consent by demanding intimacy from Tash, which we all know is the one way to guarantee zero intimacy.

David and Hayley have gone from hating each other to eating bacon in lingerie and pulling each others hair. Go figure.

And Poppy decided it was time to stop crying on television, leaving Luke to ride the elevator alone.

It’s been a massive week and your resident MAFS experts, Clare & Jessie Stephens are here to make sense of the crazy...

This episode was brought to you by the deliciously delightful Limited-Edition Baileys Strawberries and Cream.


Hosts: Jessie Stephens & Clare Stephens

Producer: Leah Porges


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