The Handmaid's Tale: Can We Trust Serena?

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20 Jun 2019 · 23 minutes

The Handmaid's Tale: Can We Trust Serena?
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Warning: There will be spoilers for Season 3 episode 5 of The Handmaid's Tale in this podcast

Can Serena be trusted? That's the question Kee, Elise and Nicolle are unpacking in this week's episode as we try and work out, once and for all, whether Serena is a gender traitor.

Plus, we walk through the Commander's meeting with Luke in Canada and ask "What the hell are your options when you're offered asylum by a journalist?"

And has June's new Handmaid's outfit lived up to all our expectations?


Hosts: Elise Cooper, Kee Reece & Nicolle Stuart

Producer: Amelia Navascues 

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