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MAFS: 25 Broken People

Well… Married At First Sight is over for another year. So what are we expected to do with our lives now? 

In an explosive finale episode that took approximately 7 years to air on our televisions, we got to see all the couples discover exactly how much they now hate each other and who’s been attacking who on Instagram. 

It turns out; Steve still doesn’t understand how he hurt Mishel, Connie believes the experiment has made her a better person and Stacey continues to lie about her one-night stand with Mikey. But that’s okay, because who doesn’t love watching a grown woman lie on national television?

Join experts Clare & Jessie Stephens as they wrap up the season and discuss what we can expect from our favourite reality-TV contestants next...

This episode was brought to you by the deliciously delightful Baileys Original Irish Cream Liqueur.


Hosts: Jessie Stephens & Clare Stephens

Producer: Leah Porges


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