Why You're Wrong About Your Personality Type

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Why You're Wrong About Your Personality Type


On today's show, in case you missed it, everyone is sharing sex toys on Instagram and Jessie's mum feels weird about seeing it before breakfast. Have we become sex obsessed or is progress marching ahead for the better? A lot of sex toy brands are spending money on influencer marketing right now, using celebs like Abby Chatfield to talk candidly about female pleasure.

Plus, there’s a lot we can't control today, but something we all find soothing is categorising ourselves into the generalised boxes of personality tests. Extrovert and introvert,  Love languages, Star signs, we find comfort in knowing there are other people who think like us. We took the Four Temperaments test which argues all of us fit into one of only four boxes...but should we, or the people who know us best be the ones answering for us?

And, the recommendations to distract you on election day. 


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