Introducing What The Finance...

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Introducing What The Finance...

Looking for something to listen to this weekend? Why not check out our new podcast What The Finance...

Welcome to What The Finance, Mamamia's new podcast all about getting good with money.

Hosted by financial expert and author Melissa Browne and actress and financial novice, Pallavi Sharda, each episode we'll break down all the myths and misconceptions when it comes to your personal finances, plus give you practical tips and speak to experts.

This week we're starting with your spending habits and the values you place around money. How you spend your money says more about you than you think, and according to Mel, once you’ve worked out why you value your money, you’ll be in a much better position to make informed decisions about what you’re spending it on. 

So what is your relationship with money? And is it serving or sabotaging you? Let’s find out...


What The Finance is made possible by our partners at Westpac.

Hosts: Melissa Browne and Pallavi Sharda

Executive & Audio Producer: Madeline Joannou

Assistant Producer: Emmeline Peterson

Guests: Penni Towner & Jen Brown


Head to to find free resources to help set up good financial habits.

Westpac - Financial Literacy:

Davidson Institute:

Melissa Browne's Online Courses:


A special thanks to our friends at Poly Studios on the Gold Coast!


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