Chestfeeding, Please Explain

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Chestfeeding, Please Explain

Chestfeeding. What is it? A story started in the UK recently, talking about how doctors there are changing the way they speak to their parents. The stories suggest that the term “breast-feeding” should be changed to “chest-feeding” and that the words “Mothers’ milk” be replaced by “human milk”. Predictably, the internet got very upset, but many have missed the point completely. Holly explains why this is a story about inclusion, not exclusion.

Plus, we discuss 'As A Father'....

And, have you watched Firefly Lane? It's the latest from Netflix that Mia loves to hate. It's got us thinking about female friendship and the 'hype girl' friend or the 'life coach' friend. Does every woman need their own 'Tully'? Maybe you are one. 

THE END BITS Mia thinks you should listen to Hugh Grant on The Envelope podcast 

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