Weinstein’s Lawyer Just Told Us What She Really Thinks

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Weinstein’s Lawyer Just Told Us What She Really Thinks

The ratings for this year’s Academy Awards were at an all-time low. Joaquin Phoenix’s veganism speech felt a tad bit preachy to some and we’re asking, why is it that almost every Oscar acceptance speech has to adopt some sort of a political or ‘woke’ tone to make it memorable?

Also, more than 90 women have accused Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault. Donna Rotunno is Harvey’s female defense lawyer and her interview with the New York Times's Meghan Toohey has got everyone (including us) talking. What lies in the mind of Weinstein’s female defender?

Plus, an ad was banned from screening during the Oscars that showed the reality of what happens to a woman’s body after she has a baby. Was it really all that shocking? We discuss.


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