Trump's Cancelled, Celebrity Cannibals & Sexy Sex Scenes

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Trump's Cancelled, Celebrity Cannibals & Sexy Sex Scenes

We're back! And a lot has happened since we last spoke. 

America gets a new president this week, so Holly is taking us through the current climate in Washington and across the U.S. Trump has been taken off Twitter, so what's next?

Plus, we're kicking off the New Year with a Please Explain: WTF is going on with Armie Hammer? You might have seen that a Hollywood actor is being accused of… cannibalism. Jessie tells us what we know so far, and why it's a lot more sinister than some creepy DMs.

And, the things we were obsessed with over the break, from a Netflix smash hit to a fake Spanish accent. 


Recommendations: Jessie wants you to watch Bump, now streaming on Stan.

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