Remember When Trump Had Covid?

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Remember When Trump Had Covid?

In another 2020 moment, The President of the United States has Covid-19. The news about Trump and the first lady contracting COVID rocked the world last week and now, apparently, Trump has recovered at unparalleled speed.

And, The Good, The Bad and The Budget: Jessie takes us through some of the winners and losers of the federal budget and explains why women, especially older women, are missing out. 

Plus, group texts have become a lifeline for women during the pandemic. Are they the sugar hit of friendship we all need right now? Or a bit of a pain to keep up with? Whilst being in group chats is some of the only contact many of us are getting, when is it ok to walk away, and how does it feel to see someone leave the group chat?


Jessie has the perfect summer backyard game and Holly wants you to listen to the latest episode of No Filter, where Mia interviews Sophie Delezio.


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