There Are Two Types Of People And One Of Them's Infuriating

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05 May 2020 · 46 minutes

There Are Two Types Of People And One Of Them's Infuriating
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A video by Tomos Robertson went viral this week. In it, he recites a poem, imagining 2020 as a turning point in human history. Will our post-Covid world be a slower, gentler and more peaceful one? Or are we romanticising an awful moment?

Also, you might be familiar with Poh and Reynold from the TV series MasterChef. While both chefs end up nailing their dishes, Poh is chaotic, overambitious and always rushed. Reynold, on the other hand, is like a well-oiled machine plotting everything to the minute. So, are you a Poh or a Reynold?

Plus, are you bothered if someone doesn’t like you? It’s time for some Group Therapy.

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