The Great Toilet Paper Panic

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The Great Toilet Paper Panic

Australia has gone berserk on… toilet paper! As fears of COVID-19 escalate, it seems like panic stockpiling has become the coping mechanism for many. But are we overreacting to this global pandemic or is it valid? 

Also, does a leader’s ‘indecent’ behaviour speak to a wider character flaw? Boris Johnson’s fiancé is pregnant but he won't say how many children he has in total. Like Bill Clinton and Barnaby Joyce, Boris makes personal choices that are considered to be morally questionable, so should this impact his eligibility for his job? 

Plus, how useful is it to name and shame trolls online? Greta Thunberg’s recent visit to Bristol, UK sparked controversy and a local newspaper revealed the comments, names, and faces of some pretty agro trolls. We discuss. 


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