Team Joe Or Team Carole: Talking About Tiger King

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Team Joe Or Team Carole: Talking About Tiger King

One show has managed to temporarily distract us from COVID-19, and of course it’s the Netflix documentary series Tiger King. So, how come we’re so obsessed? And who is the real villain? It looks like you’re either Team Joe or Team Carole. 

Also, it’s not just toilet paper. Pads and tampons have been selling out like crazy. That’s why hundreds of women are opting for the alternative: mooncups. Elise Cooper joins us to explain how they’ve been a life-changer for her.

Plus, who is your COVID crush? We discuss. 


Tiger King on Netflix…


Mia- Sitting in the car alone and listening to podcasts

Holly- Mia’s No Filter check-in with Amelia Lester…

And Couch Choir’s Close To You song…

Jessie - The Houseparty app


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