This Is What A Leader Looks Like

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This Is What A Leader Looks Like

On Friday afternoon, an Australian white supremacist walked into a mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand and opened fire on the people who were gathered for Friday prayers.

He live-streamed the attack on Facebook as he shot dead 50 people and injured many others at two mosques. 

It was a shocking attack and it rocked the world.

One shining light out of this whole situation has been the way Jacinda Ardern has acted in the wake of the shooting. The internet has been flooded with photos of her comforting the New Zealanders and speaking to the nation about how this behaviour won't be tolerated. There's a lot of love for the NZ Prime Minister right now and we think it's totally justified.

Plus, we discuss the Fraser Anning egg situation and whether it's ever ok to egg someone, even if their views are awful.


Mia: Watching Captain Marvel at the movies, listening to No Filter with Josh & Sean Szeps 

Holly: Speaking to family and friends and rewatching Game Of Thrones 

Jessie: Watching Married At First Sight and Insight on SBS about Loneliness 


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