Six Signs You're Uncool

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Six Signs You're Uncool

Our Outlouders in Victoria have told us what they're doing and how they're feeling after news of a five-day lockdown last week. Health authorities say it’s still too early to tell if this snap lockdown has worked, but today there was only one new locally transmitted case of COVID-19. 

Plus, after we spoke about him on Friday’s show, Justin Timberlake apologised for being Teflon in the face of scandal, and we are taking full credit. It's started a conversation about what gets a woman “canceled”, compared to a man, as we look at the lives of people like Lindsay Lohan compared to Robert Downey Jr. 

And, the 6 signs you’re officially ‘old’, according to Gen Z.


Jessie wants you to get a booklight, of all things. She got hers at Dymocks, Big W has them for cheap as well!

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