The Yoni Egg Friendship Test

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The Yoni Egg Friendship Test

Have you done the yoni egg test with your friends yet? If you’ve watched The Bold Type, you’ll understand what we’re talking about, but if you haven’t Mia’s here to tell you what it is. And chances are it will redefine your female friendships.

Plus, feeling overwhelmed about what to eat in 2019? So is Holly. She wants to eat healthily, but it isn’t that simple these days. Pete Evans doesn't have breakfast until 2 pm most days, and then he just eats whatever he wants. Fitness queen Ashy Bines is Keto now - which is like being on a diet that the Paleo people think is too hard - so her breakfast might include bread that's made of cream cheese and a few wicked slices of turkey. And then there's celery juice? Can't keep up? Nor can we, so here's what we've all decided to do.

And ASMR. It stands for “Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response.” But what is it? Why do people listen or watch? And is it creepy or cool? We’re here to tell you.


Hosts: Mia FreedmanJessie Stephens and Holly Wainwright.

Producers: Elissa Ratliff 


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